Quote Thaddeus 13, 2018


A quote from Bob Marley paid subscriptions only.

for inspiration is free, so is freedom…

Not many do it this way though! 😀

Romans 8:12 is focusing on funding, (we will be looking into commercialization of this website WordPress, because nothing beats it yet, for the price, ya know?)

i hate the fact that funding is something i have to even consider, yet….if i can work for someone else, why not work for me in Christ?

Definitely something i am unsatisfied with in this life, my financial situation.

Plus! It’s another leap in faith! For i believe the Lord will provide, has already, i just must seek it! Focusing, for breaking free of the orbit of habit (myself and others), doing something no one else around me is doing…

Requires a LOT of Faith!

Prayers in this area are always much appreciated! (Thank You!) 😀


In the name of Yeshua, amen!

Come Worship With Us!

Come Listen to gospel music, music made by those who believe in Yeshua, The Messiah!

via Spotify Premium (for the next 60 days and a little less now)

If you just have the free version of Spotify, you can listen to individual songs, keep track of what is being played via Romans 8:12’s online status!

Available for paying subscribers only! Starting at $1 for the entire month!

(hopefully we will begin to do this everyday?…well at least Saturday mornings? Central Time of course!

We will see! 😀

(currently 8:22 pm Central USA time)

(would love to stream Bible small group (study) too! Seeking a way for that as well! Thank You Lord for a way for us to worship together! Hallelujah!) 😀

Link to Discord server:

https://discord.gg/Agnptr7 (you will need to pay the $1 monthly fee through Patreon!)

Subscription link to Patreon:


Thank You all for your support! 😀

(we will stay connected to worship together till 10pm Central time, today!)

See you soon! With His Grace! 😀