Administration Update John 26, DOL 1

Instead of a Ministry a Day 😀, R812 Ministries will begin a Ministry Per Week! Each Ministry deserves expansion, which requires more thought/time/care/dedication per Ministry. (Currently composed of one employee myself), this is a thought not thoroughly practiced and this extension to a week will help with that! 😀) Thank You to all who are […]

Quote Thaddeus 8, 2018

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” James Joyce Many people think certain ways of thinking are of a particular philosophy or religion. There are things/thoughts that are similar in humanity because of Elohim. There is the Thinking of Elohim or the Way Elohim thinks. Different cultures, religions, people totally separate from each other may have […]

Free Download for R812’s Supporters! Ty! :-D

via echurch | powered by Pushpay Free ebook: 5 People Churches Should Never Hire Let’s be honest: people don’t go into ministry for the money. And the ones who do (typically) don’t make it. It’s just too much work. The demands are constant, and the hours are long. People go into ministry because they are called. […]

Introverts in Ministry

Introverts in Ministry I sat next to a brilliant PhD at a recent men’s breakfast and he made an insightful statement that struck a chord with me: “I think extroverts think introverts should be like them.” We chatted about the master’s degree I’m pursuing in neuroleadership and about his shift from chemistry to software development. During […]