Administration Update John 26, DOL 1

Administration Update John 26, DOL 1

Instead of a Ministry a Day 😀, R812 Ministries will begin a Ministry Per Week!

Each Ministry deserves expansion, which requires more thought/time/care/dedication per Ministry. (Currently composed of one employee myself), this is a thought not thoroughly practiced and this extension to a week will help with that! 😀)

Thank You to all who are still with R812 Ministries throughout these changes! 😀

May the Lord bless you and guide you, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! 😙

Preaching: Truth Divorced From Life

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.—James 1:22

There is scarcely anything so dull and meaningless as Bible doctrine taught for its own sake. Truth divorced from life is not truth in its Biblical sense, but something else and something less….

No man is better for knowing that God in the beginning created the heaven and the earth. The devil knows that, and so did Ahab and Judas Iscariot. No man is better for knowing that God so loved the world of men that He gave His only begotten Son to die for their redemption. In hell there are millions who know that. Theological truth is useless until it is obeyed. The purpose behind all doctrine is to secure moral action….

Any man with fair pulpit gifts can get on with the average congregation if he just “feeds” them and lets them alone. Give them plenty of objective truth and never hint that they are wrong and should be set right, and they will be content.

On the other hand, the man who preaches truth and applies it to the lives of his hearers will feel the nails and the thorns. He will lead a hard life, but a glorious one. May God raise up many such prophets. The church needs them badly. Of God and Men, 25-28.

“Lord, I want to be one of those bold prophets, faithfully declaring Your word, no matter the consequences. Enable me, by Your Spirit, I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Quote Thaddeus 8, 2018

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”

James Joyce

Many people think certain ways of thinking are of a particular philosophy or religion.

There are things/thoughts that are similar in humanity because of Elohim.

There is the Thinking of Elohim or the Way Elohim thinks.

Different cultures, religions, people totally separate from each other may have similar thoughts, does not mean that the one who spoke or wrote it first is the Author of such thinking.

For the Lord places His thoughts and desires in hearts and minds open to receiving such.

In times of copyright/intellectual right/trademark infringement, explains why it is important to keep up on the laws of it.

One i know of is whoever commercially used it first, there is another one where all that matters is that one document the time and date such a thought came. Another is, whoever paid for the right first, is the one who gets it.

In an expanding world, no longer just where you live, in your culture, your country, do such ideas exist.

And there are many people out there who cannot/do not receive such thinking/thoughts from Elohim and so they steal it from others who do.

The Lord has prepared me for this, being a creative mind, i watched such angry fights over this as a child. I watched how a person here in the US can rise, be successful, only to find out much later, that someone outside of the US has already used the same idea.

The laws are different internationally. Very few people are /do look at international laws; and the bad thing about it is, there are very few international laws-bad or good, depending on circumstance (upbringing, culture, etc). It is more Regional Laws.

And just because there is a company/entity (for corporations are considered people-at least here in the US), that supposedly ‘regulates’ international or regional law, does not mean that they protect the innocent.

Usually laws are made for the ones who have the finances/influence and so that leaves the ‘law’ vulnerable to those who have/are abusing others to have received this ‘influence’ in the first place.

It feels like rewarding evil behavior.

In the Lord, we wait. Meaning, go ahead and stand up for your rights regardless of the Goliath, the time has come for such Goliath tactics to fall, worldwide.

Requiring the rest of us to be like David, standing firm in our belief in Elohim, regardless of whatever the Goliath says/does, do not stop, paper trail, protest trail , Goliath.

You being retaliated against is just proof. We all need more proof.

Imagine trying to hide masses of people who have been murdered (physically or socially (culturally).

Every such ‘murder’ is felt by Elohim.

Hot coals on their heads. Makes for them to think and believe they can get away with anything.

Like the IRS though…Elohim can be.

The hard hearted are there as lessons for us, as warnings…wait and you will see, payment is due, many years later, Elohim remembers, while the hard hearted are ‘stuck’/addicted to believing lies.

There is nothing in our hearts or minds anywhere on this planet, in the universe, that is not known or seen by Elohim.

We choose to disobey, we choose not to believe and then want to blame Elohim for the way things are?

Be the change you want to see. Is something that i have learned, something i have said, yet today i find out Mahatma Gandhi said it.

Me? not well known, yet (in today’s world i pray to never be ‘well’ known!), yet i put:

Be the change you want to see.

Mahatma Gandhi

Changes things right?

instead of me saying it without even ‘signing’ it.

Truth is truth regardless of who says it. We have been trained to listen to who is saying it? Means we have become blind and deaf.

From the mouths of babes (children)…comes words of Elohim. The Heart of Elohim, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit.

Children of Elohim.

I am watching His words be twisted as well.

This is why the spirit behind the words, the motive, is so important.

It is what is meant when in spirit and in truth, is said.

Words are not enough!

What is in one’s heart, one’s spirit, one’s motive, is more important than the words!

Disciple of the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever heard words from someone you do not trust?

Saying the same words you’ve heard many times from someone you do trust?

How does it make you feel?

Does it make you angry?

Or does it make you feel revulsion?

Like fingernails on a blackboard, all the hairs on your body stand straight up!

My face reacts, i want to cover my ears to stop the bleeding!

Authority is given to those who take it.


How though, is determined by one’s motive, by ones spirit!

For we just are.

Those who have authority, naturally just are.

The spirit of control needs to take it.

We assume it.

And where one leads others also speaks of one’s motive/spirit.

Sounds a little different, eh?

Things are being said differently?

Do you notice?

Or are you agreeing just because of….?

Discernment gets better with practice.

Practice not using your brain, your heart, become close minded, hard hearted.

All or nothing is not how Elohim is.

That is the spirit of control.

Because Elohim has more patience than that. More mercy, more compassion, more understanding.

It is not easy to be different than the majority today. There was a time when being unique wasn’t a threat.

How one reacts to something, anything, determines whether that person is walking in the Holy Spirit at that moment or not.

Its ok, if you find out later, otherwise.

For that person is growing or dying.

When one is a disciple of the Holy Spirit, we shed what one use to believe, a lot!

This ‘shedding’ increases, the closer one gets to the Lord.

Check the rate and speed of a person’s growth?

I do not have time for that, when i am busy shedding myself!

Unless i am in a position given to me by the Holy Spirit to do so.

We as the Disciples of the Holy Spirit, followers of the Messiah, learn how to rebuke in love.

How to help another ‘shed’.

The best way is by example.

I figure if folk want to not think for themselves, to never question/use their discernment…

Then i need to find people like myself, who do, who know how to do this with love, instead of anger only.

I’ll never find them if i never seek them.

I’ll never find them if i am not one myself.

Be the change you want to see, is not a Hindu philosophy because Mahatma Gandhi said it.

Mahatma Gandhi lived that philosophy/agreement within his own mind and found others who agreed with him…who were not of the same ‘religion’ as he was.

How do you explain that?

Yet a Christian and a Muslim finding such agreement? Happens all the time, even today, in the United States. (This is what use to make the US such a great place to live, a place where such unforeseen barriers are crossed in peace.)

Because those who follow Elohim in their hearts? Have a commonality that reaches across man made barriers like religion, race, culture, sexual sin, etc.

We know each other, for My sheep hear Me-the Lord says.

This is why i say the Bible is only understood with the Holy Spirit.

Words are never enough.

People are forgetting False Prophets, False Teachers, people who say the ‘right’ things yet whose hearts and minds are closed.

Elohim waits. We, the disciples of the Holy Spirit wait too. For we remember when we use to believe differently.

The more one sheds the world, the more one has patience for someone else who has yet to shed such.

We have still much to shed.

In our ‘shedding’ do not sin. Means: Even if you do (for we all do, in some fashion), repentance becomes easier and faster too!

Like David, we recognize where we went wrong, sooner and sooner, faster and faster, in the Name of Yeshua, the Messiah, Allah U Akbar! 😀

Hallelujah. 😀

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(And bear in mind: This is why i HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE create a culture that they THRIVE IN.

Haven’t downloaded and read this ‘free’ ebook yet, will be soon and critiquing it momentarily in Yeshua’s name.

BEWARE! Many modern day ads like this by so-called-Christians are passing on advice from The World and NOT from the Bible so Caution is recommended before you read this! R812)



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Introverts in Ministry

Introverts in Ministry

I sat next to a brilliant PhD at a recent men’s breakfast and he made an insightful statement that struck a chord with me: “I think extroverts think introverts should be like them.”

We chatted about the master’s degree I’m pursuing in neuroleadership and about his shift from chemistry to software development. During that conversation I felt prompted to ask him if he was an introvert. He responded with a quick, “Definitely.” After I suggested he read a book that addresses what the book defined as, “the quiet power of introverts” he responded with, “Oh yes, I’ve heard about that book on the radio recently. I’ll have to get it.” As we finished our bacon and pancakes we (started-R812) talking about what it was like being an introvert (we both qualify). Then he made that simple striking statement: “I think extroverts think introverts should be like them.”

I paused a moment and then exclaimed, “You know, you’re right, they do!” Something inside my subconscious immediately resonated with his statement. We didn’t have long to unpack his thought, but the more I mulled over it the more it made sense.

The idea probably lacks scientific basis and is anecdotal at best, but it seems to ring true. As an introverted pastor, yet with good people skills,occasionally I’ve felt subtle pressure from extroverted leaders to become more extroverted. But the dynamic goes both ways as well. I admit that I’ve also wished I were more extroverted at times. So, could this next corollary be true as well? “Introverts wish they were more like extroverts.”

Some church leaders subconsciously believe that introverts don’t make good pastors. Or, maybe they do.

I’m a pastor and an introvert.
I get energy from being alone.
Being with people for long periods of time drains me, although I have strong people skills.
I love to read.
I go on silent retreats.
After church Sunday I want to go home.
Did I say that I am an introvert?

Am I automatically disadvantaged as an introverted pastor? Do only the gregarious, back-slapping pastors lead big churches?

Some years ago I learned that my introversion offended a church leader where I once served. We held an overnight leadership retreat at a local retreat center. After the last session ended around nine, we provided snacks and games. At about ten, I went to bed as was my habit. Most of the other leaders stayed up past midnight. Had I stayed up with them, I would have been toast for the sessions to follow the next morning.

I learned months later that my leaving the group to go to bed offended him. He brought it up more than once. He was an extrovert and did not like me yielding to my introversion.

Should I have stayed up to “work the crowd?” Perhaps. But that incident illustrates the challenges introverts often face when they serve in ministry.

I have continued to ponder this issue since that encounter at breakfast. I’ve done more reading on the subject. It is really helpful to realize that all successful Presidents of nations and companies and all successful leaders of groups, organizations, teams, and Universities have one thing in common. They all have different God given personalities! The reality is that God has “fearfully and wonderfully made us” exactly they way He wants. He does not make mistakes. My encouragement is for you to lean into your strengths because that is where you will discover the authentic power God designed for you to use in ministry.

This week’s article is written by Charles Stone (, author of the book, People Pleasing Pastors. Submitted by Russ Olmon, President of Ministry Advantage, and Deb Mertin, certified Ministry Advantage coach. For more on this and other helpful subjects, go

More Time! Ty Yeshua!

general admin

I find that having WordPress to draft articles with , is actually freeing up time for me! I’m less stressed! For WordPress posts on my three major sites with one push of a button! Hallelujah!

On my computer fb won’t allow me to have scheduled posts (and i haven’t noticed this feature in ANY WAY with the other two)..its a feature i see on WP for pages? Oh well!

Plus, i have always noticed people’s affinity for pics, attractive/eye-catching ones…it was NOT something i bothered to focus on, and i don’t do it now for more readers/followers…it’s something that i…mu-ah, enjoy seeing myself!

Plus i have ideas of where to get them from now, i can also create my own and it is relatively easy to do.

Yet..i still prefer someone else do this stuff…someone who has a gift for it, or really enjoys doing this stuff, versus me…who would prefer actually helping people in more corporeal ways.

For it is difficult to listen when one is starving, drowning spiritually…etc.

Teach a man to fish, versus giving him fish, is what these ministries strive for. Most churches give you fish…rather skim milk 🙂

Meat, plenty of it, to help you get out there and give to others too- there is far too much pain and anguish in this world for me to sit in a megachurch. Leader of leaders is what i was born to do, other Jephthahs, like me!

Yeshua was an outsider too, He still would be today!

Remember this! and gather together with others who follow Christ, the way you do…there are many different flavors and it’s not up to us to dictate how SOMEONE else portrays Yeshua!

So! Like JMoss said ‘Even though they try to hold me back…i’m gonna do it. Even though they set me up for an attack, i’m gonna do it. Even though they laugh at me (mock me, talk about me negatively) I’M GONNA DO IT!” anyway! 😀

No one can really say what Elohim has placed in your heart until your sunset (you die). For only then is He truly finished with us. He is Our Potter and sometimes baked pottery is broken down and reused. 🙂

Carry Hope (Elohim) in your heart. Show the world how much Yeshua loves you, by doing it anyway…:-)

May Elohim bless you much! In Yeshua’s name, amen! 🙂

Long Post -Acts 19

Would like to add a blog post space to just the Admin page-yet hopefully i can link this post to the Admin page.

Since that post took so long to make, i am very grateful for the ability to post it simultaneously on all 4 sites (WP, FB, G+ and Twit(ter) 🙂

Making the post, brought up a few other permanent pages that need to be added to this website…

Delighted yet OVERWHELMED, i reminded myself that i just put in A LOT of work (this is why Target Process? you are great and all, but you need to hook up with something that ALREADY times what i do online (for me RescueTime), especially since i’m already PAYING for it.

Dealing with formulating a post is a full job within itself. Something i desire someone else to do it-like a dictation secretary. I’d rattle off ideas or someone would just record me rattling off something about this very subject, remind me of what i want to be reminded of…for having to WRITE IT DOWN, can be too much trouble.

So i think i need a voice activated recording machine, but then it would need to be an A.I. to assimilate it into cohesive thought and to do’s, etc.

A personal assistant, web and data processor (2 different jobs), someone to find these people for me, a fundraiser (grant writer?), a chef/cook-or just the finances to order…

Especially when dealing with/communicating/listening to the Holy Spirit…more is taken (and received) , energy, than with other activities. One needs to replenish, with material food, relax, take a break/vacation/family etc…after such. (like a real good session with the HS (Holy Spirit) at church. (which reminds me of the need to explain/outline TREATMENT of the Holy Spirit-some misconceptions and understandings, clarified-like: cavalier? NO WAY!…and how i utilize HS and how YOU would…are TWO VERY different things…for the spirit of whatever we do is more important (ones ATTITUDE), than ANYTHING else…which brings us to perception and Christians not as strong as i (includes the idiots who get UGLY in condemning my usage of HS…which is why certain PERSONAL things between thyself and Christ/Elohim/the Holy Spirit are NOT to be shared with others!)

AAAH! There is SO MUCH! To be conveyed and i’m impatient to have human help to do so! :-)…:-p 😀