Annual Vigilance Against Fear Matthew 31, RA’AH1

R813 Ministries is doing our Annual Vigilance Against fear starting at Sundown, Your Time (for R813 it is Pacific Time) 6pmPST

This year i will attempt to text my activities, which will hopefully give everyone a better idea of how to do this!

Up next is Spiritual Vigilance Against Lust, as i attempted to…last year? And Lust has been attacking me every since i posted that announcement!!

Plus, how does one do a WHOLE MONTH of Spiritual Vigilance?

Getting through ONE DAY (hours actually) has, will be more difficult this year (in a 24hr Shelter & all)…

Yet! Spiritual Vigilance will be attempted anyway!

(Because I have been trying so hard NOT to do it, has me setting up an ongoing text/chat (with some Zoom thrown in? My internet data is waaay beyond its limit…so most likely not!) to help me stay on the path this year!)

Menopause for me? Has Testosterone kicking my *ss quite literally. I need to release some tension, in Yeshua’s Way…ya’ feel me?

ANYTHING that will help me focus on things other than, lust, aggression, arrogance, etc…!

Menopause is more like Sexflood, for me! No pause! Instead, take your sex drive and multiply it by 10! (those with already high libido like me?!)

Cold showers do not help. (Plus, who can stand a cold shower? Maybe cold showers help a dude momentarily…what is a girl, a woman to do?)

SO! Spiritual Vigilance it is!😁 via text/chat in R813 Ministries Workshop titled Holidays (hmmm, maybe i should work on a discount or something?)

Anywayz! 😊 Hope to see you soon!

May the Lord bless & guide you closer and closer to Him,each and everyday, in Yeshua’s Holy name, i pray, Amen.

Hallos-eve 2017

Halloween 2017 2


in Romans 8:12’s Annual Fight Against the Spirit of Fear!

This will be our 3rd? 😀

It starts at sundown, wherever you are! <your time!> October 31st, and ends at sunrise Nov 1st!

This year a recording of what i mean by fasting and praying for the safety, well being and guidance of Yeshua, the Holy Spirit for EVERYONE, during this celebration of the Spirit of Fear, treats and trickery…

A fast is not doing what one usually does during these hours! To focus on Yeshua in Spirit!

Staying away from trickery, anything associated with fear, bring Yeshua near, by celebrating Him instead!

Every desire is a prayer! You join us by supporting this in your heart, in your spirit! 😀

May the Lord remove the Spirit of Fear from you and all those you care about, in Yeshua’s name, amen!

<Some cultures do the Day of the Dead…and doing this during that time qualifies as joining us!>

The Spirit of Fear will fight back, with stronger visitations, this means whatever you are doing is WORKING! 😀

Praise the Lord during such storms!

Last year, i didn’t get attacked by nightmares in my sleep…

Now i wake up in the midst of a conversation with the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!

Spiritual Warriors we ALL are!

Sharpen Yeshua’s weapons by being with us this Halloween! In your heart, in your spirit…

May you be blessed much! In Yeshua’s holy name. Amen!

See you then! 😀

Romans 8:12 Mother Ministry