Another Thing…

Keeps coming up!

Whenever someone else makes a mistake, the people around them never let them forget it?!

Bringing up stuff that happened when they were 7?

I thought that is what Mother’s we’re for! (LMBO! 😁:-D Just saying, if a guilt trip is to be laid…(oh reminds me of what Jewish Mothers are known for! (Ya’lls need Yeshua, like for realz!)


(Must mention, this is not for repeat, serial, back to back offenders! Not as an excuse anyway! We can forgive, yet not be there for it to happen again!)


The Lord is showing me one of my strong points! (Hallelujah)

Especially when it comes to my own mistake!

(Cause there is another reason why people continue bothering you about it, cause IT BOTHERS YOU!)

(If you have truly let it go, most people stop bothering you about it, after a few times of seeing it doesn’t bother you!)

One of my strong points, in dealing with other people’s messes too!

A thing many do not know about me, assuming I am like them! πŸ˜€ (alhumdulillah) πŸ˜€

Thaddeus 10, DOL 1

People used by the devoid, try to bring you down with constant reminders of one’s faults, the harping on it… signature of the Accuser!

People prefer a lie, a comfortable lie, vs the truth, especially a real uncomfortable truth.

Why are some people offended by truth, even if it is spoken or acted out in love?”

there are plenty of people who are offended by truth even when it is lovingly presented.

Unfortunately, in the spiritual world, some people view the narrow nature of truth as β€œnarrow mindedness.”

(They are not walking in the Holy Spirit then.)

The Bible itself confirms that the spiritual world is very narrow

doing things the wrong way spiritually usually has very delayed consequences.

(Speaking directly to my circumstance Lord! Hallelujah!)

it is essential for each of us to work hard to discover what is and what is not true

There are great blessings for obeying the truth, and serious consequences for denying it.

There are many verses on lying, yet the one I saw clearly, I cannot seem to find now!

(I find that interesting as of late! I believe the Holy Spirit is allowing me to ‘see’.)

Speak the truth, the uncomfortable one, about yourself, not just others!

Truth without love…is it really truthful?

When one’s words are correct, yet the spirit behind them is not!

I cry because I am sick of my words being twisted in such a way!

People assuming I am coming from such an ugly place!

I cry because…

What kind of mind, what kind of heart does it take, to think that way?

(Blackman, Blackman, why do you not forgive yourself?)

Why do people WANT to think negative of others?

I cry because of that!

There is no escape, since I am surrounded by such!

I desire not to speak around such evil hearts!

I’ve even considered…

I am judged by how I look and recently I have noticed how really nice looking women are perceived, how the majority are…

That I am perceived as such, as well.

I have never operated based on my looks!

I have been made aware of them and not in good ways.

The Lord allows me to be free, with my looks for the first time in my life!

To be comfortable with my looks, when others are not.

To not hide!

Like I use to.

The truth presses upon me until I release it!

Aware of possible ramifications, before I even speak it (hallelujah)

Should I fear that more than…

Where is my focus?

Off Elohim, away from Yeshua…

Make the Holy Spirit happy!

Keep Him happy (in love) with me.

Bump everything else!

You will find many blessings standing on such truth!

I have survived spiritual stoning (came out with injuries too).

May this time be oh so different!

In Yeshua’s holy name, I pray, amen.

A Season for Every thing

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

These verses, Ecc 3:11-14 have been expanded on at my mandatory attended Church. ( i am now free to choose?…)

My latest experience of jealousy from the pulpit has me so not excited to see these verses, my heart leapt & then died, thinking, “This is an already agreed upon study?”

Instead of enjoying what (& the fact of) the Holy Spirit (is) trying to convey…

So will all of this be made beautiful in time?

Is the time over for its beauty?

Is this relating to something else entirely?

Why am i so bummed about this? So disinhearted?

Why am i focused on the ugly things?

It is harder than usual not to be, for i am remiminded of what someone else said, “i don’t let things bother me.”

And they should!

i do not want to fall into that trap Lord! For it is far too easy to fall into the trap another is in, in close proximity to it!

(Pray on that)


Lord, You are asking me…i pray to not fall in the traps i see all around me. For my focus is off of You! Bring me back Lord! Quickly please!

The trap of hardheartedness, criticism, bitterness, ugly spirts abound around me! Yet Thou Art The General! Of the Angel Armies! The Admiral, the President, Commander In Chief, My God Thou Art! πŸ˜€

Your Might outweighs, outnumbers physical sight! I am praying that the Angels of Elohim, will be as present and numerous on the physical plane, as they are spiritually! In Yeshua’s holy name, Amen!

To be easily seen, even by the very deaf, dumb & blind! in Yeshua’s holy name, may it be so!

For it is time!

in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! πŸ˜€