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Siesta Over?

Well, i tried to prepare a couple of weeks ago and then stress got a hold on my life!

Working on a few things, like changing Website themes, to go more with a newsletter feel.

Not spending $70 on a Website theme! (Even though it looks absolutely amazing!) (Breathtaking cost mulah folks!)

I am glad that Paul 8, Ra’ah is here and I am NOT all stressed out!

Cause i was worried there for a moment!

The good thing is my creativity is coming back and my positive outlook! (Even though the people who live upstairs in this shared house seem to enjoy pissing me off! 😁)

Breathe In Yeshua, Breathe Out is something I am working on! (Following my own advice, eh?)

I am up to 9 min now!

Thinking R813 Ministries (new name folks!) will begin to produce 1 newsletter every other week!

Like the end of this week (Sat or should it be Fri?) Publish a page/newsletter, instead of 1 or 2 articles a day, 7-14 articles every 2 weeks!

My brain says trying to produce 7-14 articles by Fri or Sat is too much!

So, this may be it for R812…this posting, for like 14 weeks or so!

Publish, take a week to publish next one! ie: Ps1127 would publish by the 28th of March!

This Sabbatical is already producing blessings on top of blessings – (Xross baby! 😁)

And there are other wonderful things happening concerning the Ministries, that will be revealed according to Elohim’s Grace, in Yeshua’s holy name.

Like one of the Believers Rap-if this was about money (fame, followers, etc), then i would have left long ago. (And not come back)

R813 Ministries started because the Holy Spirit would/will not leave me alone until i do it!

One of those irritating blessings! The kind that the Lord bugs ya until ya do something you end up enjoying!

Discovering the workaholic thing is about punishing myself, the spirit of control!

Had me turning hard hearted!

Something i never felt before

A reminder indeed

Makes me less likely to harp on someone else’s faults, for hypocrisy, bit me in the *ss! Had a chunk missing and i heard myself yelling stuff i knew was wrong!

(Will i dance carefree ever again?)

Still war inside over letting this blog stuff go (You can take my life!- Th’sl), in favor of my sanity!

For something clamors inside

Desiring to cause panic, in…

Yet, i must focus on what is right-use-ness, on what is good

I pray He helps me get out of His Way

I lay down my crown (blog expectations, etc) willingly.

Mortified that I did not, for a long time

That is what the Sabbath is

Peace. Restoration. Healing. Re-alignment.

Crop rotation! 😁

For money does grow, on His Trees. Hallelujah and amen!

(When did it become difficult?)

Consuming sugar is helping me take Spiritual Attack better! (Have a low blood sugar problem) and quoting my favorite Psalms out loud helps with me housemates!

May the Lord bless you and may the Lord guide you, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen!

AND! Thank you to all who stick around and to those who read to the bottom! May the Lord bless you, 7 x 70! πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

R812 will post again 6/19/20 aka Thomas 19, Ra’ah1 πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

(Revision; Paul 25, Ra’ah1 (aka 3-25-20) R812 next post date will NOT be 6/19/20 after all! Due to adding on Monthly Sabbaticals (which last a week).

Haven’t Calendar-ed that far yet! With the Lord’s Grace and Mercy, i will keep you updated though (for right now i am winging it! Each Ministry post will contain post dates for next one (so far!)

I assume this will continue until, scheduling more than 5 months ahead will not stress me out just thinking about it! 😣

Till next time! May Elohim bless you more! πŸ˜šπŸ’‹πŸ’“

Administration Update John 26, DOL 1

Instead of a Ministry a Day πŸ˜€, R812 Ministries will begin a Ministry Per Week!

Each Ministry deserves expansion, which requires more thought/time/care/dedication per Ministry. (Currently composed of one employee myself), this is a thought not thoroughly practiced and this extension to a week will help with that! πŸ˜€)

Thank You to all who are still with R812 Ministries throughout these changes! πŸ˜€

May the Lord bless you and guide you, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! πŸ˜™

More Time! Ty Yeshua!

general admin

I find that having WordPress to draft articles with , is actually freeing up time for me! I’m less stressed! For WordPress posts on my three major sites with one push of a button! Hallelujah!

On my computer fb won’t allow me to have scheduled posts (and i haven’t noticed this feature in ANY WAY with the other two)..its a feature i see on WP for pages? Oh well!

Plus, i have always noticed people’s affinity for pics, attractive/eye-catching ones…it was NOT something i bothered to focus on, and i don’t do it now for more readers/followers…it’s something that i…mu-ah, enjoy seeing myself!

Plus i have ideas of where to get them from now, i can also create my own and it is relatively easy to do.

Yet..i still prefer someone else do this stuff…someone who has a gift for it, or really enjoys doing this stuff, versus me…who would prefer actually helping people in moreΒ corporeal ways.

For it is difficult to listen when one is starving, drowning spiritually…etc.

Teach a man to fish, versus giving him fish, is what these ministries strive for. Most churches give you fish…rather skim milk πŸ™‚

Meat, plenty of it, to help you get out there and give to others too- there is far too much pain and anguish in this world for me to sit in a megachurch. Leader of leaders is what i was born to do, other Jephthahs, like me!

Yeshua was an outsider too, He still would be today!

Remember this! and gather together with others who follow Christ, the way you do…there are many different flavors and it’s not up to us to dictate how SOMEONE else portrays Yeshua!

So! Like JMoss said ‘Even though they try to hold me back…i’m gonna do it. Even though they set me up for an attack, i’m gonna do it. Even though they laugh at me (mock me, talk about me negatively) I’M GONNA DO IT!” anyway! πŸ˜€

No one can really say what Elohim has placed in your heart until your sunset (you die). For only then is He truly finished with us. He is Our Potter and sometimes baked pottery is broken down and reused. πŸ™‚

Carry Hope (Elohim) in your heart. Show the world how much Yeshua loves you, by doing it anyway…:-)

May Elohim bless you much! In Yeshua’s name, amen! πŸ™‚