The Sun of Righteousness

Sun of Righteousness from Daily Bible Inspirations

On our own, we cannot produce this light. Only the Son, who is righteous and holy, can produce this light of hope in us. Our role in the process is to let the light shine; casting its glow on everyone around us.

We cannot stay good, stay loving, be truly nice, gentle and kind, any good thing, without Yeshua!

It is becoming more and more impossible to do so now, more than ever.

Signaling Yeshua’s comeback! 😀

The time for passing is over!

Truthfulness in one’s heart & actions, is due.

Hypocrisy of any type will be revealed, unlike ever before.

The time to choose Yeshua is closing.

False Pastors, Prophets, Christians, are becoming more hard hearted, and more blind, trapped, by the curse of the Lord.

While those of us who truly follow Christ? Those who truly listen & hear?

It is getting easier!

Meaning, what we use to do, in Yeshua’s holy name? Goes farther than it use too! 😀

The Righteous will grow stronger as the darkness deepens for others! 🙂

We will ‘see’ each other! Because 1> against a thousand (, 2> turns aside 5 thou or more! 😀 (cannot find the verse!)

So it will be the best of times and the worst of times, simultaneously.

We will walk in His Presence while many fall, to the left & right of us.

This is why it is important to increase our strength in the Lord.

Up the power of Our Shield, now!

Upgrade in Christ by being open to downloads from the Holy Spirit.

The Sun, that orb in the sky, transmits many things to everything on Earth.

Yeshua, the Son does so as well.

No one is good but Elohim/Yeshua/the Holy Spirit.

A darkness is coming, that only Yeshua can clear.

A deeper one.

Strengthen your connection with Christ through the Holy Spirit, by deepening your relationship with Yeshua.

Practicing your ‘hearing’ (guidance/listening) of the Holy Spirit, now.

For others will not see how far off course they have gone.

For the Holy Spirit corrects those He loves.

Those who love Him (or are learning to), heed this correction, subsequently, reversing the curse of hard heartedness.

Our hearts respond to the Son, like a blossoming flower! 😀

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen 😀

This IS A Test!

Our lives! is the matrix, this construct (our bodies, what we see, material things), is just that, a construct.

Reality is unseen (in the eye of the beholder).

People believe when they ‘die’, leave this Earth, that, that is when they will be questioned/judged by Elohim…

You are being judged by Elohim now!

This review of our lives, when we leave Earth, to decide where we go? (heaven or hell) is happening now, today, everyday, every second of our days & nights!

The decision of heaven or hell is being decided/changed until we ‘die’, are physically dead.

So we always have an opportunity to repent, until we are physically dead and stay that way.

It is the one thing that surprised me.

That anyone believes otherwise!

That being judged after we are physically dead, thing?

A paganistic viewpoint, a paganistic dream.

For the bible, over and over again, tells us how sin is death!

How we are judged, by Elohim, while we are alive!

Sentencing comes while we are alive!

Hardheartedness is a sentence! A curse!

We have the option to remove curses, to remove negative judgements, spirits.

To break out of chains!

Where does one recieve chains?


When we are ‘arrested’.

When we are in jail! Imprisoned! Sentenced!

Until we are out of slavery!

Yeshua frees us from our sentences.

‘Saves’ us!

Sure, a policeman (rebuking in love), can ‘save’ you.

We act, walk, talk, like we can never be in ‘danger’ again!

Never need saving again?


i want to be saved over and over again!

Put that *hit on repeat!


Maybe their ‘saving’ wasn’t dramatic enough Lord! 🙂

Maybe we are not truly grateful for our saving?

See, i prefer to believe that i need to be saved over and over again!

i think it’s very romantic. 😀

Saving is a spiritual thing, unseen, acquired through faith.

i believe, i expect, my Father, My Husband, My Lover, Elohim, Yeshua the Christ, the Holy Spirit rescuing me every second of my days & nights!

i want it! i crave it! i need it! 😀 ( i need You Lord!) 😀

And guess what?

Elohim enjoys it! Yeshua is absolutely delighted to be wanted, just, like, that!

Wouldn’t you?

i want to be wanted every single day!

Loving me, like 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, every second! 😀 (great rap song there! Loving me like 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 everday! ooo!) 😀

His love is deep! His Love is strong!

and i desperately need His love everyday! i desperately need to feel it everday.

and we do, when we give up what we want, what we think & follow the good things, He places in our hearts!

He gave me the gift of Faith, i become more & more grateful for this, the more i get to experience others who don’t!

it is ironically, lol, how many atheist point out how everyone believes their religion makes them happy, how one can find someone in any religion like that.

i’ve never witnessed a happy atheist! Not like those who aren’t atheists.

And my question has always been, “Who cares?”

“What is wrong with being happy?”

for a satinist to be happy? i do not agree with it, and i do not believe a satanist will ‘leave me alone ‘ either!

We attack spiritually! Non-carnally.

Prayer, for it to work, (better as well) requires earnest desire to give up control and let the Holy Spirit direct you in everything.

For someone who is losing faith, who is stumbling in their faith, who thinks they believe, who doesn’t believe at all…

Prayer malfunctions! Doesn’t work, the way it can & does! 🙂

Those who do not believe? Nothing anyone says can change that!

i learned! and hopefully you will too!

Never stopped beliving in the God of Abraham, Ishmael & Isaac! Hallelujah! 😀

How i believe, has changed much though!

i sought peace, true happiness.

i risked everything, literally turned my life upside down, in pursuit of happiness.

For what truly made me happy?

Others may be happy on the surface, putting on a face.

i never could, for long and i thank Elohim for that.

Faith cannot be taught. Faith is experienced.

Pursue whatever you truly, deeply, believe!

Be 100! 🙂 Be real, if you are faking in any way…

if you haven’t even thought about it, considered it…

i re-evaluate a lot!

the Holy Spirit can and does show me, myself, in ways i couldn’t see!

My Lord is not a farey-tail. 😀

He is my reality! 😀

Everyone else can continue believing in the nightmare!

i choose to dream of heaven!

Satanists hide. Shadow, try to control others.

We do not try to control others. Make others believe as we do,

Only the hardhearted strive to control others.

i once was one of those people. 🙂

it is too easy, to attempt to control another, for me, even now.

This is why we say, “Those who can hear, hear. Those who can see, see.”

Deaf, blind, hardhearted in some way?

For i was, i am, i imagine.

That is what i need Yeshua for!

The things i cannot see, He has earned my trust.

i had to be willing to give it, though.

Faith is trust! 🙂

Believing when there is no ‘logical’ reason to!

i had to!

Believe in yourself, believe in yourself?

i never did get that right, very often, as consistently as needed.

Now i know why!

For i put my trust in Elohim and He tells me, reasures me of who i am.

i’m learning to trust and believe the unbelievable things the Holy Spirit tells me about myself.

Be willing to ‘hear’ these things.

Be willing to ‘see’ them.

Is giving up control.

It is taking time for me to take the next step, which is believing what the Holy Spirit tells me. (always a work in progress love) 🙂

i have nothing when i don’t.

Nothingness, emptiness or pain, anger, frustration, confusion.

Those are great indicators i’m off The Path, that i’m not walking in the Holy Spirit. Not walking with Him.

i’m learning how i leave Him!

For He never leaves us. He is with those who do not believe/trust Him (trust comes in layers love).

i’m learning how i ‘block‘ Yeshua! 😀

i am trusting the Holy Spirit to ‘show’ me these things.

Are you willing to go beyond what you believe? (think?) 😀 (trust?)

In Yeshua’s holy name, i hope/pray, so! Amen! 😀