Get Use To Different

I just received my merch from The Chosen! 🥰

The Chosen on Facebook

The Chosen Merch

(Couldn’t find it on Twitter!)

Make sure you download The Chosen app at the Apple store & Google Play!

I did! Paid an episode forward (lowest they had then was $14.99, i hear there is a $4.99 option too!)

The show, The Chosen, about Yeshua & the Apostles is breathtakingly beautiful!

Had no idea they’ve been doing this since 2017 though!

I downloaded the app due to the advertisement i have seen of it while using my phone.

Didn’t expect the merch to arrive so soon! I bought the I am the Chosen Army, since it is discontinued!

I definitely wanted a tshirt that said that on it!

Those who love Yeshua watch the show and #BingeJesus! 🥰

(And ty Lord, for allowing me to receive my mail today, in Yeshua’s Holy name, Amen!)

Seista Still! 😊

1/22/1/20 Zealot 22, Ra’ah

i apologize for postings previously scheduled that i did not catch!

There has been an ease every since the Sabbatical was posted.

And now reposted!

For i turned off notifications (and wonder if i should even be here now!

the answer is yes, yes i should, this being my first Sabbatical!

To make sure everyone is informed!

That any loose ends, caused by ‘burnout’ (not following the Lord, the Sabbath (even though i like this longer Sabbatical idea though!

Taking a year off in the distant future may be very good!)

So again!

R812 Ministries is going on a Sabbatical until 3/8/20!

Romans 8:12 Will begin posting for a week then and the others in a like manner.

Be blessed! In Yeshua’s holy name, amen!

Romans 8:12 on Pinterest

Last week your Pins got 84 saves! (today being Jan 15, 2018)

How will you inspire people on Pinterest this week?

On Pinterest R812 is more like how it should be, all of the ministries together under R812. (the other ministries have boards).

A couple of ministries now have their own profile (Ps1127 and J3017) and most likely the others will expand later too! for it is getting a little crowded sometimes!

Also the ministries get to expand and define more of their focus/interest.

For i can understand that we specialize too much in America…yet different bait for different fish! Yo?! 😀

Come join us on Pinterest! Saving pins to reflect your world!

I remember debating to label the Pinterest account like my Facebook usage name or…!

For i remember thinking of the reaction of those who are like…that isn’t Christian!

Yet, i am a person, this is life, what does a real Christian look like anyway? And i am sick of the stereotypes, the assumptions.

So R812 on Pinterest is more me! Period!

Haven’t went back and looked at some of my older pins (much like old Facebook posts! but i learned from the fiasco of opening up a different account, Christian based (even though that is not what motivated me opening it, just what i decided to use it for.)

Stronger now in the Messiah, so i can answer such catcalls of former posts.

Plus i prefer to be like a river, moving, flowing, growing, never constantly the same! Unpinnable! Like America requires lots of pins to explain…

I, hue-man, female…am not so easily definable!

Join the revolution! 🙂

Plus with pins, very little to worry about copying/stealing! folks see what they want to see!

Like i’ll get 84 pins, while one of those people will get a whole lot more for the same pin!

I figure i got it from somewhere else too!

Like i have not made ANY of the memes i have found, up to this point and i didn’t search for them either!

Found the Holy Spirit talking to me through them! and most of the memes are/were from Facebook or Pinterest!

Pinterest is full of things to like! I have enjoyed Pinterest for years, discovered new stuff through them too!

Almost all of the beautiful pics i’ve found have come from Pinterest! i have a few Pinterest boards that reflect that…in a way, Pinterest helped spawn Beauty SS 7:10…the importance of beauty…which leads to Exodus 13:21, of course!

as Pinterest says, “Happy pinning!” 😀