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Don’t forget to Breathe in Christ! Breathe Out! ๐Ÿ™‚ #romens812

More Time! Ty Yeshua!

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I find that having WordPress to draft articles with , is actually freeing up time for me! I’m less stressed! For WordPress posts on my three major sites with one push of a button! Hallelujah!

On my computer fb won’t allow me to have scheduled posts (and i haven’t noticed this feature in ANY WAY with the other two)..its a feature i see on WP for pages? Oh well!

Plus, i have always noticed people’s affinity for pics, attractive/eye-catching ones…it was NOT something i bothered to focus on, and i don’t do it now for more readers/followers…it’s something that i…mu-ah, enjoy seeing myself!

Plus i have ideas of where to get them from now, i can also create my own and it is relatively easy to do.

Yet..i still prefer someone else do this stuff…someone who has a gift for it, or really enjoys doing this stuff, versus me…who would prefer actually helping people in moreย corporeal ways.

For it is difficult to listen when one is starving, drowning spiritually…etc.

Teach a man to fish, versus giving him fish, is what these ministries strive for. Most churches give you fish…rather skim milk ๐Ÿ™‚

Meat, plenty of it, to help you get out there and give to others too- there is far too much pain and anguish in this world for me to sit in a megachurch. Leader of leaders is what i was born to do, other Jephthahs, like me!

Yeshua was an outsider too, He still would be today!

Remember this! and gather together with others who follow Christ, the way you do…there are many different flavors and it’s not up to us to dictate how SOMEONE else portrays Yeshua!

So! Like JMoss said ‘Even though they try to hold me back…i’m gonna do it. Even though they set me up for an attack, i’m gonna do it. Even though they laugh at me (mock me, talk about me negatively) I’M GONNA DO IT!” anyway! ๐Ÿ˜€

No one can really say what Elohim has placed in your heart until your sunset (you die). For only then is He truly finished with us. He is Our Potter and sometimes baked pottery is broken down and reused. ๐Ÿ™‚

Carry Hope (Elohim) in your heart. Show the world how much Yeshua loves you, by doing it anyway…:-)

May Elohim bless you much! In Yeshua’s name, amen! ๐Ÿ™‚

Long Post -Acts 19

Would like to add a blog post space to just the Admin page-yet hopefully i can link this post to the Admin page.

Since that post took so long to make, i am very grateful for the ability to post it simultaneously on all 4 sites (WP, FB, G+ and Twit(ter) ๐Ÿ™‚

Making the post, brought up a few other permanent pages that need to be added to this website…

Delighted yet OVERWHELMED, i reminded myself that i just put in A LOT of work (this is why Target Process? you are great and all, but you need to hook up with something that ALREADY times what i do online (for me RescueTime), especially since i’m already PAYING for it.

Dealing with formulating a post is a full job within itself. Something i desire someone else to do it-like a dictation secretary. I’d rattle off ideas or someone would just record me rattling off something about this very subject, remind me of what i want to be reminded of…for having to WRITE IT DOWN, can be too much trouble.

So i think i need a voice activated recording machine, but then it would need to be an A.I. to assimilate it into cohesive thought and to do’s, etc.

A personal assistant, web and data processor (2 different jobs), someone to find these people for me, a fundraiser (grant writer?), a chef/cook-or just the finances to order…

Especially when dealing with/communicating/listening to the Holy Spirit…more is taken (and received) , energy, than with other activities. One needs to replenish, with material food, relax, take a break/vacation/family etc…after such. (like a real good session with the HS (Holy Spirit) at church. (which reminds me of the need to explain/outline TREATMENT of the Holy Spirit-some misconceptions and understandings, clarified-like: cavalier? NO WAY!…and how i utilize HS and how YOU would…are TWO VERY different things…for the spirit of whatever we do is more important (ones ATTITUDE), than ANYTHING else…which brings us to perception and Christians not as strong as i (includes the idiots who get UGLY in condemning my usage of HS…which is why certain PERSONAL things between thyself and Christ/Elohim/the Holy Spirit are NOT to be shared with others!)

AAAH! There is SO MUCH! To be conveyed and i’m impatient to have human help to do so! :-)…:-p ๐Ÿ˜€