Elohim Is My Everything! :-D

https://music.amazon.com/albums/B001EE2RD4?trackAsin=B001EE4OF8&ref=dm_sh_19e5-a936-f730-edd1-fa6df   That is one thing i MISS about Chicago!!!!! THE WORSHIP! One good thing about having TOO MANY PEOPLE in the church, when worship comes in, it is TOTALLY AWESOME! Miss you New Life Covenant of Chicago! Central Campus! It’s easier to dance for the Lord in such a crowd! Its where i learned […]

Touch Season 1 Episode 7: Noosphere Rising Source

Touch Season 1 Episode 7: Noosphere Rising Source: Netflix this episode dealt with how the numbers loose their randomness at times and that science has no explanation for it…religion does- its called prayer. (Note of caution: The previous episode mentions Revelations 22:22 and what the video said it was, DID NOT correlate to what my […] […]