Elohim Is My Everything! :-D



That is one thing i MISS about Chicago!!!!! THE WORSHIP!

One good thing about having TOO MANY PEOPLE in the church, when worship comes in, it is TOTALLY AWESOME!

Miss you New Life Covenant of Chicago! Central Campus!

It’s easier to dance for the Lord in such a crowd! Its where i learned (on my own! because I DO NOT LIKE IT when others FORCE a person to demonstrate in the Lord! Let people do it in their own way and time! NEVER! EVER! PUT YOUR HANDS ON A PERSON DURING WORSHIP! (unless its for security reasons)

i apologize for this happened to me personally-during prayer! of all things! To put my hands up HIGHER?! People like this SERIOUSLY have control issues and can cause SERIOUS SPIRITUAL DAMAGE!)

Its where i learned to be as exuberant in my worship today! In my own time, in MY WAY!

I do feel sorry for those who have NEVER experienced the HIGH of praising the Lord! 😀

But there is NO WAY i would force someone to behave like me, or look down on them for not…

For i USE TO BE one of them!

Thought all Christians were crazy, fanatical…over time i envied them though-i ALWAYS thought why DON’T WE have joy, ease and happiness in the Lord LIKE THAT!

Some are faking it, for sure, i intensely watched the ones who didn’t.

TY YESHUA! For NOW! i am one of them! 😀


Having your life saved is NO LONGER just words…

My life is LITERALLY BETTER with Yeshua in it.

I first had to go into the darkest days of my life, somewhere i thought i would NEVER be!

and Yeshua came to me!

Just like many gospel songs say, “When NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND!” Yeshua came to me and took away my blackest night.

Doesn’t mean darkness doesn’t descend today, in fact i’ve had worse than that day…except this time…! 😀

I had Yeshua with me…”through it all!” (another common thing heard in Gospel Music)

I also feel sorry for those who only feel the exuberance of the Lord at Church, only amongst others or only when they hear a song…

but i remember when…

I never felt it…

Like i do today…

Ty Yeshua for listening. 😀


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I CANNOT BE SILENT! 😀 (another song true to my life today!)

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