Get Use To Different

I just received my merch from The Chosen! 🥰

The Chosen on Facebook

The Chosen Merch

(Couldn’t find it on Twitter!)

Make sure you download The Chosen app at the Apple store & Google Play!

I did! Paid an episode forward (lowest they had then was $14.99, i hear there is a $4.99 option too!)

The show, The Chosen, about Yeshua & the Apostles is breathtakingly beautiful!

Had no idea they’ve been doing this since 2017 though!

I downloaded the app due to the advertisement i have seen of it while using my phone.

Didn’t expect the merch to arrive so soon! I bought the I am the Chosen Army, since it is discontinued!

I definitely wanted a tshirt that said that on it!

Those who love Yeshua watch the show and #BingeJesus! 🥰

(And ty Lord, for allowing me to receive my mail today, in Yeshua’s Holy name, Amen!)

Author: Romans 8:13 Ministry Mother

Mission: To familiarize people with The Holy Spirit, to be a living example of living, walking with the Holy Spirit, how to keep HIM alive in you, what to do if HE is not & you wish otherwise.

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