Look & Feel Younger with Christ! :-D

Are people more flesh oriented now, than they use to be? Or is it I am older now ? (Seen more, etc)


And neither!

For ya didn’t mention how the deeper in Christ one goes, one’s view of the World (people) changes.

One’s perception changes AND! The World, people, are/will become more fleshly, away from Christ.

So! 😀

More/Closer Intimacy with Christ also helps you look younger!


Being at peace, less stress & more importantly, being loved! Makes one look & feel younger! 😀

Imagine one’s true desires being in line with the Lord! 😀

He also can help change your desires that way!

Like Lecrae says in Take Me As I Am, “I thought I had to get better before I came to Christ.”

Instead Lecrae discovered all he needed to do was hold on to Christ & he will change you!

We are unable to create permanent change, for the better, in many areas of our lives!

Tis why we need Yeshua! 😀

I am speaking of changes that happen without effort!

Put all your effort, your time, your everything, into Christ, in your heart, in your desire, everyday!

How much you love Him will show!

One’s face will glow with it! You may find yourself smiling for no reason. 😀

For that is what lovers do, ones who have more than just lust.

For they (you & Christ), work well together! 😀

You ‘gel’ with the Lord!

To be in sync with Elohim, with the Holy Spirit, with Yeshua, in any type of way, is absolutely amazing!

It feels so good! It is so easy (and very difficult, for many are uncomfortable with high levels of Intimacy with anyone!)

Those who have such troubles, the Lord works on you, at a pace customized for you & you alone!

To rely on that? To believe in it whole heartedly? (In spirit & in truth) Not because the Bible says so, but because Yeshua/Elohim speaks your Love Language!

The Lord gives me things! In unique ways, uniquely for me, in unexpected places, times, etc.

He encourages me.

No one else does this. I have the gift of Exhortation (encouragement), does anyone else, with the gift of encouragement, find little of it from others?)

I absolutely need this!

I need to be told how much I am loved! I need to be shown how much I am loved, everyday!

He, Elohim doesn’t have to tell me anything ahead of time, yet He does!

Because He loves me!

Come seek how He will make you feel special, everyday!

(I have reached a new level of Intimacy with Christ, hallelujah.)

(You can too! Those who thirst for the Lord (Are you thirsty?)

John 4:7-14

John 6:35

John 7:38

Jeremiah 2:13

John 7:37

And for those who remember:

Psalm 42:1&2)

Author: ARM/JHDY

Formerly R813 Ministries, now combined into 1 PERSONAL profile, me! The wonderful, the ugly, 100! Active Duty in the Lord's Army can be b*tch sometimes, eh?

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