The Exception Does Not Rule

The Exception Does Not Rule from Daily Bible Inspirations

by John Micalak
Inspiration Bible 

Some people won’t swim in the ocean for fear of sharks.

They hear reports of shark attacks and, despite knowing that such attacks are by far the exception and not the rule, they still won’t go in.

Some people look at obedience to God this way.

we hear about the exceptions. Kate is such a good person, but the economy just bankrupted her. Jeremy ate right and exercised, but he was still taken by cancer. What’s the point of living right, when life can still treat you so unfairly?

these are the exceptions, not the rule. Most often, when you live for God, your life will be stable and prosperous. Just because this doesn’t happen for everyone shouldn’t be a reason not to try.

(The exception has no authority!)

11/29/18 6:37a

Exceptions for Evil

“Oh it isn’t really evil, it isn’t good, it isn’t that bad.”


“Good” Exceptions?

Those 7% who read the Bible everday, who at least routinely do so.

Now narrow that 7% (a guesstimation, from memory, of a sermon heard a few Sundays ago), by eliminating Legalists from the 7%.

This is my ‘new’ plumbline of trust in ANY relationship, primarily romantic ones. My new guage, my line-drawn-in-the-sand thing.

This is how trust will be established, based on how much you love the Word!

For someone said they love the Word, love bible Study…

Lead bible Study as a matter of fact.

Yet their actions showed they enjoyed the opportunity to dominate conversationly!

Angry at being interrupted for any reason.

Never apologizes for being wrong.

So now this person has begun weakening the Word itself!

Showing flawed faith, lack of.

Going down in flames fast, hasn’t repented for it yet!

For there is no humbleness, no regret, just grumbling/dislike of being called out!

i am/was angry at being subjected to such weak authority!

Kept asking Elohim why?!

Today He showed me how i am weak in my authority!

How i make excuses for evil! 😯😦🤔

When i continue an unequally yoked relationship!

i make excuses like,”Oh, well i remember my B.C.!”

or “They haven’t known You long; They don’t know You like i do; They haven’t felt Love, true Love, You; They obviously do not have a closer-relationship with You, etc.

It is not their fault, they don’t really know the full enormity of the situation, as i know i do not, i use to not understand things too! etc.

Timing is important.

Also, i wouldn’t react they way they are, even B.C.! (a ‘good’ exception!)

i must stop being Ahab, Saul even.

Passive, in this area. For THIS IS NOT MERCY!

i have allowed evil exceptions to rule over me!

i can be merciful in my reaction to the person who commited such a faux pau!

Yet, the consequences are still the same from Christ, regardless!

i just add myself to that list, making excuses for them, basically pleading their case.

A habit formed from abuse as a child…?

i am no longer a baby in Christ! Recognized such by others! Hallelujah! (i have graduated!) 😀

My 6th year! And it passed w/out me even celebrating it!

(Well i did leave Illinois at that time…)

My new criteria in ‘dating’, (since i give trust too easily) is bible study!

It will show & prove our incompatibility, quickly, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen!

i will learn to trust only those who enjoy it, with me, inshallah!

In Yeshua’s holy name, i pray. Amen.

11/30/18 9:03a Fri aka Nathaniel 30, Shemesh 1

Author: ARM/JHDY

Formerly R813 Ministries, now combined into 1 PERSONAL profile, me! The wonderful, the ugly, 100! Active Duty in the Lord's Army can be b*tch sometimes, eh?

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