The Sun of Righteousness

Sun of Righteousness from Daily Bible Inspirations

On our own, we cannot produce this light. Only the Son, who is righteous and holy, can produce this light of hope in us. Our role in the process is to let the light shine; casting its glow on everyone around us.

We cannot stay good, stay loving, be truly nice, gentle and kind, any good thing, without Yeshua!

It is becoming more and more impossible to do so now, more than ever.

Signaling Yeshua’s comeback! šŸ˜€

The time for passing is over!

Truthfulness in one’s heart & actions, is due.

Hypocrisy of any type will be revealed, unlike ever before.

The time to choose Yeshua is closing.

False Pastors, Prophets, Christians, are becoming more hard hearted, and more blind, trapped, by the curse of the Lord.

While those of us who truly follow Christ? Those who truly listen & hear?

It is getting easier!

Meaning, what we use to do, in Yeshua’s holy name? Goes farther than it use too! šŸ˜€

The Righteous will grow stronger as the darkness deepens for others! šŸ™‚

We will ‘see’ each other! Because 1> against a thousand (, 2> turns aside 5 thou or more! šŸ˜€ (cannot find the verse!)

So it will be the best of times and the worst of times, simultaneously.

We will walk in His Presence while many fall, to the left & right of us.

This is why it is important to increase our strength in the Lord.

Up the power of Our Shield, now!

Upgrade in Christ by being open to downloads from the Holy Spirit.

The Sun, that orb in the sky, transmits many things to everything on Earth.

Yeshua, the Son does so as well.

No one is good but Elohim/Yeshua/the Holy Spirit.

A darkness is coming, that only Yeshua can clear.

A deeper one.

Strengthen your connection with Christ through the Holy Spirit, by deepening your relationship with Yeshua.

Practicing your ‘hearing’ (guidance/listening) of the Holy Spirit, now.

For others will not see how far off course they have gone.

For the Holy Spirit corrects those He loves.

Those who love Him (or are learning to), heed this correction, subsequently, reversing the curse of hard heartedness.

Our hearts respond to the Son, like a blossoming flower! šŸ˜€

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen šŸ˜€

Author: ARM/JHDY

Formerly R813 Ministries, now combined into 1 PERSONAL profile, me! The wonderful, the ugly, 100! Active Duty in the Lord's Army can be b*tch sometimes, eh?

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