on the bus, a few days ago, i shared with someone that it has been 6 years in Christ.

This person’s deameanor slouched, “Oh, then you are a baby in Christ.” they said, monotoned.

My deameanor never faultered, “Yes, yes, i am.”


“But i’ve done more in these past 6 years than i’ve done ALL my life!” 😀

“How old are you?”


“Oh, i thought you were 34, thirty…(something)”

A short time later i mention how i’ve read through the Bible once and now i do it in audio, with my phone, Bible Gateway.

“Hold up, you read through the Bible…(already)?”, the person said with a gulp as i verified, with a nod.

“Yes, i’ve read through the Bible once, and i’m going through it again, this time auditorily, with Bible Gateway App.”

i didn’t ask how long he’s supposedly been in Christ, because

  1. It is irrelevant
  2. it was obvious He was barely Christian

His surprise has me wondering why?

Did he think it was impossible? He never thought to try?


Even if a person is a very slow reader, plod along.

This is also why i mention often that the Bible can be listened to for free.

Doen’t mean you have to sit there and pay attention!

Doesn’t mean you can’t hear while sleeping either!

In fact, i highly recommend, that a person turn the volume down to a barely understandable volume, and go to sleep!

With headphones, or your speaker murmuring in the background!

Have The Bible be your podcast, your meditative session, your positive affirmation session.

It will enter your subconcious easier sleeping.

(You can have the Audio Bible playing while you clean house, audible or blasting! This is why i love headphones! 😀 To work, going home, in the car, stepping off the bus! I listen on the bus too, waiting for it…)

We need our tapes cleansed! Replaced with the Lord.

Easy way to do that is, by hearing the Bible everyday, on your own time, away from “church”.

It is not enough to read parts of the Bible, everday, for eternity!

Make it your duty to read the entire Bible! (Old & New Covenant included)

Pick a way!

i choose to alternate between the Old Testament & The New Testament.

i keep track of where i left off (currently Gal 6 & 2 Kings 9). i update the number each day, updating the chapter when it is time to do so.

i use to track the date i did it, that i stopped.

i also use to think, ‘Oh, i have already read a chapter for today.”

Stopped those thoughts with, irrevelant!

Now, that problem i was having about reading the Bible, is being circumvented, by these things.)

Bible Gateway has more versions in audio, than any other i know of, yet there are other audio Bibles.

Bible Gateway is online as well (for those who do not have smartphones).

No computer? Library.

Don’t want to?

Record the Bible in your own voice!

Using your phone!

If you have access to a tape recorder, do it!

There are coloring books of bible verses!

i tell myself that i can draw a verse or chapter (this always shuts up the negativity towards reading or listening to the Bible for some reason, very quickly and almost permanently.

i attempted it once, desiring to expand my time with Christ.)

You can read the whole Bible yourself! On your own, without a ‘meeting’ or other people.

Just like praise & worship.

You can do both alone,, without going to ‘church’.

Church is a place to go after having done the above!

(Morning services may prevent that)

Christians do not just listen to verses at church.

There are many Bible reading/study programs to follow, for free.

i made up my own, for reminders are stressful (annoyed & guilty).

Reading a Children’s Bible COUNTS!

Picture Bibles!

i use apps designed for Children & Christ, when the Lord designates a fast time for me (usually the 24 hour ones.)

i fast from anything not directly related to Christ.

This is what i do on Oct 31st, fast like this, and i pray.

i can add other activities centered on Christ.

We have stuff like this for children, not for Adults.

I want Action Bible for Adults! i’ll even try out Veggie Tales for Adults!

Currently use Superbook! 🙂 For it has awesome games, centered on Christ.

There are those who would disagree with how some of it is applied, i say, make your own then!

i have been trying to think up some Christian games on my own.

It is a lot harder than it looks!

Unless you already are creatively thinking/making up games, it is.

After a couple of years of occasionally praying about this (increased to multiple times every month lately though), Christian entertainment…

Finally achieving a more concrete idea! 😀

i do desire an app, but a physical version will be just fine.

For i get bored or too stressed, i want to take it easy!

So far Christianity for Children, are the only ones who do!

They try to make it fun!

Most adults look down on you if you do not behave like it is…fun.

This creates an environment of hypocrisy!

Leave Puritan Christianity behind!

And follow Christ by yourself in your heart!

Break free from convention and get creative in Christ!

By putting Yeshua into everything you do!

(ie: tis why we have Psalm 112:7 Tech/Info/News Ministry.

Millions use tech. Start using every bit of tech for/with/in Christ!

Let’s create our world!

me? won’t cross into virtual reality, yet hopefully, someone in Christ is.

The Internet, tech is territory, ripe for conquering in Yeshua’s holy name!

Hallelujah !

(P.S. Someone has made a Virtual Bible! Can you imagine that?) 😀

Author: ARM/JHDY

Formerly R813 Ministries, now combined into 1 PERSONAL profile, me! The wonderful, the ugly, 100! Active Duty in the Lord's Army can be b*tch sometimes, eh?

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