Join Romans 8:12’s Listening Worship Party!

First subscribe here:

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Then join us on our Spotify channel on Discord here:


Free Spotify will allow you to listen to one song at a time (following the link i imagine!)

Premium Spotify ($9.99 a month) allows you to listen to each song with Romans 8:12 as it plays!

Come subscribe on Romans 8:12’s Patreon page first!

Then come Listen to the Worship Party with Romans 8:12 every Saturday at 8:12 am Central Time USA! via Romans 8:12’s Discord Spotify channel!

Thank you for worshiping with us in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! đŸ˜€




Author: Romans 8:13 Ministry Mother

Mission: To familiarize people with The Holy Spirit, to be a living example of living, walking with the Holy Spirit, how to keep HIM alive in you, what to do if HE is not & you wish otherwise.

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