Come Worship With Us!

Come Listen to gospel music, music made by those who believe in Yeshua, The Messiah!

via Spotify Premium (for the next 60 days and a little less now)

If you just have the free version of Spotify, you can listen to individual songs, keep track of what is being played via Romans 8:12’s online status!

Available for paying subscribers only! Starting at $1 for the entire month!

(hopefully we will begin to do this everyday?…well at least Saturday mornings? Central Time of course!

We will see! 😀

(currently 8:22 pm Central USA time)

(would love to stream Bible small group (study) too! Seeking a way for that as well! Thank You Lord for a way for us to worship together! Hallelujah!) 😀

Link to Discord server: (you will need to pay the $1 monthly fee through Patreon!)

Subscription link to Patreon:

Thank You all for your support! 😀

(we will stay connected to worship together till 10pm Central time, today!)

See you soon! With His Grace! 😀


Author: ARM/JHDY

Formerly R813 Ministries, now combined into 1 PERSONAL profile, me! The wonderful, the ugly, 100! Active Duty in the Lord's Army can be b*tch sometimes, eh?

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