Archaeological Resources

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via Archaeology Resources – BibleGateway with

These are examples of how to UNDERSTAND the Bible on a deeper level.

For it is ALWAYS good to know the context, the environment/mindset/culture/society that each chapter, each people is set in.

We may find more humility and understanding of how society pressure (peer pressure) changes everything!

Maybe we will learn the difference between culture and Elohim? Especially in a world becoming more socially integrated, go BEYOND tolerance, pre-jud-ice (prejudgement) and assumptions…by putting yourself in the culture that wrote the Bible!

cultural study bibles.PNG

more cultural resources.PNG

(the culture that bore forth Yeshua)

There is a universe of things to explore and learn, much to see…open your heart. 🙂 #romens812

Author: Romans 8:13 Ministry Mother

Mission: To familiarize people with The Holy Spirit, to be a living example of living, walking with the Holy Spirit, how to keep HIM alive in you, what to do if HE is not & you wish otherwise.

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